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Comprehensive Range of Services

Kilpan & Associates’ services include a wide range of counselling, treatment and training programmes. They are designed to enable effective tailoring to suit individual and organisational requirements.


Your people are your organisation’s most valuable resource. They are responsible for your success.
The amendments to the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 placed a focus on work-related stress and fatigue. This has increased the level of absenteeism for many organisations and caused a direct impact for those employers who have not implemented appropriate programmes.
Therapists from the Kilpan Centre have worked extensively and consulted with companies and organisations to develop employee assistance programmes for management and staff. Through our workplace consulting services we help employers develop and maintain their human resource assets through the provision of motivational, leadership, stress management, communication and conflict resolution/mediation programmes.
We also work with organisations in the selection process using internationally renowned psychological profiling instruments.
In addition, Kilpan & Associates workplace consulting and EAP services offer workplace trauma counselling and management. This ensures, through our early response mechanism, that the likelihood of the event having an ongoing impact is decreased and assists people, and the organization they work for, return to normal activities.
Often known under the umbrella of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), our services are utilised by organisations throughout New Zealand.

Energy Psychology

Energy psychology focuses on the body’s energy systems (bio-energy) as they relate to emotions, behaviour and psychological health. These systems include the ‘electrical’ activity of the nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras and bio-fields (also known as auras).
Our psychological functioning is affected by cognitive, hormonal, neuro-chemical and environmental factors while bio-energy accounts for emotions and behaviour at a fundamental level.

Energy therapy or psychology is applicable to a wide range of areas including education, vocational guidance, physical health, sports and peak performance as well as emotional difficulties, depression and many others.

In addition to standard therapeutic elements such as discussion, energy therapy specifically addresses the underlying aspects of the problem through manual muscle testing, energy checking, and other processes.
This may include having you stimulate acupuncture meridians by rubbing or tapping, making specific movements and use of affirmations.
Energy psychotherapy is highly compatible with many traditional approaches to therapy.

Career Development

How do you behave, contribute and interrelate with others when part of a team? Want to know what to do when you have finished school or university?
We all have natural tendencies in workplace activities. Determining yours and/or your team role can help you in your career development and planning and personal decisions.
Try our career development questionnaire to find out what kind of role you gravitate to!
Our career development and profiling tools are available for a range of circumstances and situations. The main tool used, the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF), is available directly from Kilpan and Associates.
This career development and profiling tool is scientifically and computer based, is an accurate measure and can be used to predict a wide range of behaviours and tendencies. The 16PF can be used for counselling as well as career development and employment. It is one of the world’s most respected personality assessment and career development instruments.

Specialist Forensic Services

Kilpan & Associates provide specialist forensic services for barristers. These may include the following services:

  • Diversion
  • Bail applications
  • Section 121 Reports
  • Section 106/108/110 Discharges
  • Pre-sentence reports/emotional harm reparation reports
  • Clinical treatment
  • Trauma recovery
  • Parole applications and hearings

In addition, we work with the client and barrister to develop psychological reports. These may enhance legal counsel’s presentation of the client’s case in mitigation and provides valuable information to assist the judge in sentencing.
These reports comprise expert commentary about client’s life history and considers the client’s mental state and criminogenic factors at the time of offending and the time of the interview.
In developing this report, reliable and valid psychometric assessment instruments are used and are combined with relevant research findings.
This service often includes treatment of relevant clinical disorders. It has been found that the addition of clinical treatment may increase the likelihood of a more favourable sentence.