July 8, 2010

Ingredients For A Loving Intimate Relationship

For me a successful love relationship requires


Honesty and acceptance of whatever the other shares with you, without judgement

Separate individual identity


Sexual intimacy only with each other

Be both a giver and receiver


Freedom to be yourself, to have who ever you choose as a friend, pursue your own interests and dreams, hold your own opinions and thoughts. The only boundary on freedom is to not seek sexual connections external to the love relationship.


To answer all questions honestly, without fear of repercussions or judgement. Even if the answer may create short term hurt to still answer honestly and work eliminating the hurt.

Separate Individual Identity

To value your own uniqueness and the others uniqueness. To always be your own person, to put your individual self first and the relationship second.


To give each other a commitment to cherish and support each other.

Share each others sadness, gladness and difficult times.

To always be fair and just and seek compromise when needed with consensus.

Sexual Intimacy

To be loyal and retain sexual intimacy with each other only.

To enhance the others sexual experience and work through any difficulties that arise together willingly.

Be Both A Giver And Receiver

To spoil each other, to sense the joy of giving and the joy of receiving.

To have a balance in the giver/receiver roles so as you feel as much spoilt as you spoil the other.

Copyright Anthony Lipanovic 1996

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