Our team of qualified counsellors, therapists and psychiatrists have many years of experience in helping and working with individuals, families, couples and organisations.

Dr. Prudence Fisher
Clinical Psychologist
I have 25 years as a clinical psychologist and work routinely with anxiety, depression and stress management. I work within several theoretical frameworks, CBT; ACT, Grief, Trauma models, Drug & Alcohol misuse and Relationship and Sexual therapy are some of the models I utilize. Read more
Shona Harvey
Clinical Psychologist
Shona is a registered Clinical Psychologist from Auckland University and has trained in psychotherapy. She worked as a psychologist in the UK where she completed a 2 year course at the renowned Tavistock Centre in London specializing in psychodynamic psychotherapy. At the same time Shona worked as a Senior Psychologist with young people and families. Read more
Judy Forsyth
Clinical Counsellor
Judy began counselling in 1986 and has over 27 years of continuous counselling experience. She is a registered Clinical Counsellor with PG Honours degrees in Clinical Psychology and Medical and Family Social Work. She has a warm, empathic manner and works from a client centred perspective that acknowledges the unique individuality of each person and encourages self determination. She brings a strong problem solving focus to her practice that quickly helps clients to clarify their thinking and find a way to move forward. Read more
Dr. Shanmukh Lokesh
General and Forensic Psychiatrist
With a distinction in Masters in Criminology & Criminal Justice in UK, Lokesh has worked as a psychiatrist since 2005, initially in United Kingdom, then more recently in New Zealand. Trained in United Kingdom, he is a Member of both Royal College Of Psychiatrists, UK and a Fellow of RANZCP, as well as faculty Member of Forensic Psychiatry. Read more
Dr. Mike Louw
Mike Louw has over 11 years experience as a psychiatrist. Trained in South Africa, he works with individual clients from wide range of occupations. His papers have been published in both medical and specialist journals and he has addressed several international conferences and meetings. Read more
Dr. Robin Shepherd
Dr. Robin Shepherd has long specialised in the area of addictions. Read more
Dr. Rajendra Pavagada
With a Masters in Psychological Medicine, Raj has worked as a psychiatrist since 1989, initially overseas, then more recently in New Zealand. Trained in India, he works with a wide range of individual clients and has been published in many professional journals. Read more