About Us

Kilpan & Associates provides professional psychological counselling, psychiatric services, career development and training services.

Based in Auckland our team at the Kilpan Centre work with people – individuals and companies, small and large – to help them overcome the challenges and concerns of everyday living.

Our business is all about you and what you need help with.

Founder of Kilpan and Associates Tony Lipanovic tells the story of how he dreamed up the group’s name.

“It came through the blending of my father and mother’s surnames. The Kil part is from my mother’s surname which is Kilmore.

“Her family originated from Killarney in Ireland, and their nickname was Kill more, Kill many, Kill Quick.

“My father’s surname gave us the Pan, which were the middle three letters of Lipanovic.

“The reason I chose Pan”, said Tony, “ was its connection to the Greek God Pan as well as the magical character Peter Pan.”

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