August 10, 2010

Anxious, Burnt Out, Fearful, Stressed

A familiar thread of similar reactions runs through these experiences.  The reaction of the negative impact on our lives can be anywhere from 0 to 10.  If the impact passes a 5 and it is not addressed then life can become unbearable.

In the childhood developmental process our teachers force the learning of reading, writing and arithmetic for our head space.  For our bodies, sport is the physical way that encourages exercise and competition. Combing head and body learning creates their own difficulties.

Then there are all the other expectations and conclusions placed on our development from parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, mentors etc that create their own avenue of further pressure and difficulty.

Where in our lives are we taught SELF SOOTHING SKILLS?

In learning self soothing skills the ability to be resilient and recover from more difficult trials and tribulations becomes easier allowing greater ease in life and less dis-ease.

Anxiety becomes more manageable; burnout is noticed and arrested before breakdown; fear is faced and understood rather than creating debilitating phobias or angry responses; and stress is understood in the context of everyday life.

A one day workshop on Self Soothing Skills can achieve a freedom from the negative impact of anxiousness, burnout, fear and stress.

Come join us on an adventure into disabling negative reactions of anxiousness, burnout, fear and stress and enabling happiness. Contact us for our next workshop.

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